Activated pressure reducing valve


Activated pressure reducing valve

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:Pressure Reducing Valve Product Accent

Valve body is made by Stainless Steel #316, suitable for fluid, air and vapor.

The gate is balanced-pressure designed, which will not influence the outlet pressure caused by unstable inlet pressure.

When the outlet pressure responds directly to the pressure control chamber and adjusts the setting pressure, it responds quickly and adjusts the pressure accurately.

Design of piston and diaphragm improves the inability of sustaining pressure and leakage.

Pressure Adjusting Range:
1kgf / cm2~6kgf / cm2
4kgf / cm2~10kgf / cm2
8kgf / cm2~13kgf / cm2

Pressure needed from fully-closed gate to fully-opened
gate : 1.5 kgf/cm2 (1 kgf/cm2 = 14.2 psi)

Applied Temperature:
-15℃~200℃ (For steam)

Maximum Applied Pressure: 25 kgf/cm2

Thread Type-illustration

pressure reducing valve thread diagram

1-Gauge:Stainless Steel

2-Upper Cover:Stainless Steel 316

3-U-ring:NBR / Viton

4-Piston:Stainless Steel 316

5-Sealing Spacer:NBR / Viton / Teflon

6-Shaft:Stainless Steel 316

7-Main Body:Stainless Steel 316

8-Diaphragm:NBR / Viton

9-UH-ring:NBR / Viton

10-Spring:Spring Steel

11-Lower Cover:Stainless Steel 316


13-Adjusting Stem:Stainless Steel 304

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CV L H size(PT) NO
2.4 70 80 1/2″ RET-15S 
9.0 85 105 3/4″ RET-20S 
11.0 92 105 1″ RET-25S 
21.0 115 130 1 1/2″ RET-40S 
25.0 120 130 2″ RET-50S

Flange Type-illustration


1-Gauge:Stainless Steel

2-Upper Cover:Stainless Steel 316

3-Washer:NBR / Viton

4-U-ring:NBR / Viton

5-Piston:Stainless Steel 316

6-Sealing Spacer:NBR / Viton / Teflon

7-Shaft:Stainless Steel 316

8-Diaphragm:NBR / Viton

9-Main Body:Stainless Steel 316


11-Fixed Bolt:Stainless Steel 304

12-Spring:Spring Steel

13-Lower Cover:Stainless Steel 316


15- Adjusting Stem:Stainless Steel 304

CV L H  size  (PT NO
2.4 150 85 1/2″ REF-15-S
9.0 150 105 3/4″ REF-20-S
11.0 150 105 1″ REF-25-S
21.0 190 130 1/2 1″ REF-40-S
25.0 190 130 2″ REF-50-S
75.0 210 185 1/2 2 “ REF-65-S
80.0 225 185 3″ REF-80-S
120.0 250 230 4″ REF-100-S
250.0 310 290 6″ REF-150-S


Applied Condition of Direct-activated Pressure Reducing Valve

Reducing valve install


  • Installing pressure reducing valve directly in the sub-pipe can reduce fluid pressure inside the pipe.
  • Installing a filter in the inlet of pressure reducing valve can prevent block of valve gate caused by impurities and limescale.
  • Installing pressure relief valve downstream pressure reducing valve can protect the system.
  • While using screws to connect pressure reducing valve, joints should be installed in the inlet and outlet to make maintenance easy


Pressure Setting and Flow Rate of Direct-activated Pressure Reducing Valve

Direct-activated pressure reducing valve directly opens and closes the valve gate by the outlet pressure. When outlet pressure is under setting pressure, valve gate automatically opens. To make valve gate fully open, adjustable pressure range and setting pressure are relative points.

A: Pressure drop needed for fully-opened valve gate = , B=Adjustable Pressure Range Maximum – Minimum
B:Adjustable Pressure Range (=Maximum Minimum Adjustable Pressure Range)
C:Setting Pressure of Outlet
D:Pressure of fully-opened outlet valve gate, P=C-A

Pressure drop needed for fully-opened valve gate for adjusting pressure range 3~9 kgf/cm2 of direct-activated pressure reducing valve.

If the setting pressure of outlet is 6kgf / cm2, pressure of fully-opened valve gate will be P=6-1.5=4.5 kgf/ cm2(Outlet pressure should go down under 4.5kgf/ cm2 to make valve gate fully open)

Flow Chart of Direct-activated Pressure Reducing Valve

Reducing valve flow chart















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