Aeration assembly
Aeration assembly for processes of oxygenation and homogenization in treatment plants for residential, industrial and livestock farming waste water, in fish farming and aerated ponds. Also ideal for rainwater collection basins. Compact and simple to install, they are suitable for use in tanks of any shape and size.

Fine bubble system
The fine bubble diffusers are the Caprari solution for the high-efficiency aeration.
Formed by the line of pipes with the diffusers installed on it, the aeration unit creates a network that covers the entire area where oxygenation is required.
Concentrations and a balanced mixture of dissolved oxygen are obtained throughout the tank by evenly distributed diffusers.
The aeration system can comprise one or more installation units on the bottom and includes all the accessories required for correct installation.

Radial submersible aerators
Radial submersible aerators. They are an extremely flexible system of aeration, versatile and efficient in water treatment and in all cases where mixing with the addition of air is required. The machine’s compactness helps installation and maintenance without draining the tanks or stopping the systems.

The following are available on request:
pressurized radial submersible aerators, surface aeration turbines and disc or porous pipes.