MMVI Delta Valves

MMVI is a young and dynamic company operating in the production and marketing field of butterfly valves for industrial applications. In 2004 MMVI bought the trademark and know how of Delta Vaves, thanks to whom it improved its range of valves production.
Our range of products includes the following kind of valves:
– butterfly valves metal to metal seal;
– butterfly valves with elastomer seal;
– damper valves;
– plug valves;
– ball Trunnion valves;
– ball Top Entry valves.
Our range of products is manufactured with material such as carbon steel, stainless steel (GG25, GG25+Ni+Cr, GG40,bronze, brass, A105N, LF2, S355JR, WCB, WC6, LCB, AISI 420, AISI 304L, AISI 316L, CF3M, CF8M, 250SMO, Duplex) and it can also be improved with materials such as Monel, Superduplex, Inconel, Halloy 20, Incolloy, Hastelloy and titanium.
Our technologies and machine tools permit us to develop valves that can be used into different industrial plants such as: chemical, petrochemical, petroleum-refineries, offshore-platforms, nuclear plants, power plants, remote heating, steelworks, cryogenic plants, sugar factories and paper mills.
Our result is a reliable and long lasting product, but at the same time it is easy to install.
The certificates that our company achieved (PED, ISO 9001-2000 e ATEX) and the standard respected in our valves manufacturing (ASME, ASTM, ANSI, MSS e NACE) guarantee the high quality of our products to the customers.
Our production, through the updated technology of our machine tools, can realise each valve detail. The components are subsequently tested by our technicians. This permit a perfect product assembling that gives advantages in the long period because it allows a simple change of all spare parts. During the manufacturing phases the valves are submitted to different tests, previewed by the actual quality standard in order to ensure to the final customer a totally reliable product. The tests certificates are given to the customer, too. MMVI gives his availability to do specific tests upon simple request.
The design office, situated into the company, evaluates the kind of valves which are more suitable to the different necessities, suggesting the better range and examining with the customer the necessities to be satisfied. Our service is improved also through the offer of a great range of accessories for the valves field. Upon simple request MMVI can install and calibrate pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators on any kind of valve.
MMVI technical staff is available together with our testing bench to do seal proofs (air or water) of the body and seat of the valves.
Our strength is to realise a high design and quality product into a company which develops its valves starting from the design phase to the final manufacturing and marketing phase. Our attention to the customer necessities, our flexibility and the reliability of our products are the main features of a production strictly “made in Italy”.